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Ensight Security: Revolutionary Home Surveillance Systems

Ensight Security Solutions is the leading provider of commercial and home alarm monitoring services
systems in the Chicago metro area. We are in the business of making our clients feel safe, 24/7. Our clients come to us with countless concerns for their security monitoring services such as updated commercial fire alarm systems, access control systems and alarm installation. We take it upon ourselves to address their concerns by providing the cutting edge solutions for fire and burglar alarms on properties of all sizes.

Customer Centric Safety

Part of what sets Ensight Security Systems apart from our competitors is our ability to identify the major concerns of our clients, then addressing them with a personalized business or home security system. We work with our clients to find the best home security system for their property, then install it in an efficient manner. Once the installation is complete, we offer security monitoring services to maintain your system.


Factory Trained Technicians

Ensight Security Systems houses a team of factory trained technicians who are familiar with our entire product catalogue. Families and businesses alike feel at ease all hours of the day knowing that our team has set them up with a state of the art security system.

Ensight offers home security systems

Keeping up with Technology

Since technology advances exponentially, it can prove difficult to keep pace with the latest developments of home security systems. Ensight Security Solutions assists you by installing systems that won’t be limited by their software. What does this mean? When our team installs a security system, we keep in mind it’s long term viability. Any new software updates can be seamlessly integrated into your security system without having to completely overhaul it! Keeping your security system up to date with the best software and hardware is part of what makes Ensight Security the best security company in Chicago.

Ensight offers security monitoring services

Please contact Ensight Security with any questions you have about our installation or security monitoring services, we will be glad to help!

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